Business Owners

As a business owner, one key component to ensuring your success, no matter the size of your company, is to secure commercial insurance. Commercial insurance can provide coverage for all aspects of your business and can help keep your doors open when you suffer a loss.

Did you know that four out of ten businesses will suffer a property or liability loss within the next ten years? At the top of the list for most common is burglary and theft. Now that we live on the internet, the most expensive for business owners is reputation harm which includes a violation of privacy, libel, and slander coming in at $50,000.00. Most businesses, especially small businesses, would not be able to survive such a claim. Many more may not have the reserves or means to help keep the doors open after a huge setback.

To understand what coverages you need for your unique situation, learn about the different coverages offered by Decoster-Wilson-DuthieInsurance.

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